The goal of the Open Sun Harvesting Project is to make advanced DIY sun tracking and heliostat projects more accessible to the general public. Overall, it has been a great success. The programs, electronics, and designs found on this page have successfully been used in both hobbyist and commercial installations located around the world.

This site is authored by me, Gabriel Miller (In case you are wondering who the " I " is). I started this particular project in 2008 both because I wanted to learn computer programming and also because I have always had an interest in solar energy. It has grown wildly from there. Suffice it to say that I now know how to program computers.

Note that there is quite a bit of information scattered around this site. The process of building either a sun tracker or a heliostat is a rather extensive one after all. If your goal is to build one of your own, make sure you read through as much as possible. Don't forget to also visit the forums and the blog for most up to date information.

While reading through the topics on this page, you will no doubt notice that the information is largely biased towards heliostats. This is because my own personal interest is in heliostats, not sun trackers. Of course, heliostats and sun trackers are similar enough in their design that by developing a heliostat control system I also had a sun tracking system too. So if your own interest is to build a sun tracker, you should find that much of this information is still quite relevant.


Misc. Sun Tracking & Heliostat Information


Sun Tracker & Heliostat Safety

Here are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind when operating either a sun tracker or a heliostat.


Understanding Heliostat Targets

When setting up a heliostat, it is necessary to select a target for it. This page contains a handful of pictures along with a few quick paragraphs to explain what a target is.


Setting up the Homing Switches

This page will show you how to set up the homing switches on either a heliostat or a sun tracking machine.


Choosing Efficient Heliostat Targets

This page will show you how you can increase your heliostat's efficiency simply by choosing better targets.


Heliostat Target Efficiency Simulator

To make it easier for people to check whether or not their chosen target is the best one, here is a program which will graph how well their heliostat is performing throughout the day.

Heliostat Range of Motion Simulator

Before using a target, it's a good idea to double check to see if your heliostat is physically capable of tracking it throughout the day. To make this task easier, I have uploaded a simulator to this page for you to try out.


Other People's Sun Tracking and Heliostat Projects

Shown below is a collection of sun trackers and heliostats made by individuals who have contributed in various ways towards the Open Sun Harvesting Project. Click each project's link for more information on it.


Josema's Heliostat / Sun Tracker

This heliostat / sun tracker was built by Josema of Spain. This clever DIY design was put together using worm gears salvaged from car power windows, which provide very accurate tracking according to Josema.


Sid's Sun Tracking Machine

Sid Frantz is one of the biggest contributors to this project. In particular, his careful testing of the Sun Tracking / Heliostat Program and suggestions for new features has greatly added to the program's robustness. Stepper motor acceleration, wind protection mode, and manual control are all features that were sponsored and tested by him.


Light Manufacturing LLC

Karl from Light Manufacturing LLC has been a user and sponsor of this project for years now. His company has developed a system that uses heliostats to provide a clean and economical source of heat for the process of rotational molding.


Iamtawon's Heliostats

Iamtawon has been a huge help with testing both the Sun Tracking / Heliostat Program and the electronics used for heliostats. In particular, he was one of the first individuals to test the multi heliostat control option in the program.


Heliostat Project at ZininZelfdoen

Here is a Heliostat project which was designed and built by industrial design students and teachers from Amsterdam. Inge, Daan, and Bernard are the three individuals who were/are the most heavily involved with this project. The Zininzelfdoen site also features a lot of other clever solar builds too and is definitely worth keeping your eye on in the future.


Jim's Heliostat Design

Jim's heliostat design will no doubt influence how people build their DIY heliostats for years to come. It is both simple and strong. Jim was generous enough to donate one of these machines to the project, and most of the debugging for the Arduino Sun Tracking / Heliostat Program was done using it.


Brendan's Heliostat Project

Brendan's goal is to design a heliostat that is economical to produce. If you check out his website you will see that he is even making parts for it on his 3D printer. Very cool!


Old Heliostat Projects Page

If you are looking for information that was available on the old Heliostat Projects page, it has been moved to the aptly named "Old Heliostat Projects Page".