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The information I give on this site is not to be taken as professional advice. I am simply a hobbyist. I share my ideas because other hobbyists have done the same, and I have benefited from their work.


By content, I mean everything on this site: text, pictures, videos, downloadable files, computer programs, and anything else that I may have forgot to mention.  By content, I am also including anything and everything that the users of this site might add.


You are using the content presented either on this site or sent by e-mail of your own free will and do so knowing that this content may be incorrect or even dangerous to yourself, all other living creatures, and property. It is not my intention to cause harm, but accidents do happen. Use this content at your own risk.


I reserve the right to remove any content on this site that I chose to remove. This includes content added by the users of this site.


I am not responsible for the content found on the sites that this site links to. This includes links which I personally add and links which the users of this site add.


The content I personally (I can't say the same for the users of this site) have added to this site is simply my own opinion and is not intended to show ill will towards any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or thing. Should the content here offend anyone, tell me by e-mail and I might remove or change it, but only if I agree with the reason for doing so.


I am not responsible for the actions of the advertisers and sponsors used on this site. If you purchase an inferior product, take action with the company from which you bought it to resolve the issue.


I reserve the right to modify this disclaimer at any time and in any way I choose.


In addition to this disclaimer, you may also want to check out the privacy policy and the Creative Commons license for this site.


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