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Hi Everybody!

This is my first post but I have been reading this forum and this website for some time now. I wanted to share a project that I've made using Gabriel's circuits and code. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Gabriel for all his amazing work and all the people who contributed to this forum and made my life easier. I am an artist– not an engineer– and having this amazing resource was the only way I was able to make my project happen.

A Description of the Sun uses a lead-screw driven system and a series of adjustable convex mirrors to create a light projection in the shape of halo into a fixed point on one wall of the space. The three mirrors' halos separate over the course of the day and create various patterns on the wall. The idea was to make a project that resisted photography, that required the viewer to be present for a length of time to see the piece. It started with an idea for nondestructive "light graffiti". It ended up in an entirely different space as I realized the various challenges of manipulating reflections and the limitations of the machine. I consider the projection of the sunlight the work, the machine is the tool which makes the work possible. This is a test of the projection I did using an LED lamp in my studio:

I designed this heliostat based on many of the projects I saw here. The version in the above GIF was Heliostat Mk. I– I have since improved it so every part is CNC cut, the latest is Mk. III which includes CNC-cut gimbal/pivots for the steppers and the lead screw nuts. Almost every aspect of the machine is adjustable in order to allow me to tweak it work in a variety of spaces without having to do a bunch of math that is over my head.

I will post up-to-date documentation once I have it; I'm currently installing the piece at Rice University's emerging artist space, the EMEGEncy Room ( They made a wonderful poster which has an essay written by a professor. I have attached the PDF of the poster to this post or it can be viewed through the above link.

I have created a build log that contains a lot of the research and shows the progress of the project over the last several months. It will continue to be updated as the project continues. Check it out:

A couple of iphone pictures from today in the gallery space:

Soon I'll have better documentation including a few timelapse videos of the project in action. Also, I plan to post the Aspire and Autocad files of the piece on my build log in case anyone wants to use them.

Cheers from Houston,


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