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cnc programs
« on: June 02, 2010, 05:39:20 AM »

This is a free program (ace converter) that will take dxf files or drawings from a cad program and make them into a  cnc program.
I believe it was programed by the same people who developed CNC PRO another program that is now free.
turbo cnc is shareware untill you need to access any part of the programming part of it. check that part of it out.
I am a registered user of it but it is a dos program. I personaly believe to get more complete use out of cnc to is to  learn a cad program.
all cad programs are (basicly) all the same) some have better features than others. when you start making a full 3d cnc programs it brings into the picture a complete new set of challenges. For the people who use artcam will have more insight into what i am saying.
also as a matter of cnc interest check this out---