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Thermoelectric Power
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:25:06 PM »
Though PV is currently more efficient than thermoelectric, I like the idea, especially when combined with a heliostat array - it seems like a robust system with no moving parts and long lifespan.  Came across a PDF that describes using salt water solar ponds, heatpipes (thermosyphons) and thermoelectric modules to produce power (even when the sun isn't shining) in remote villages.  Not tons of power mind you, but still, I think it's cool.  There are instructions on d.i.ying heatpipes on youtube and instructables that seem fairly easy to do.  Anyway, I'll attach the pdf if anyone is interested.  Also, attached you'll find "Recent Advances in Direct Solar Thermal Generation" from 2009, which is pretty technical, but fascinating none the less.  Not really related, but kinda - a local Victoria BC girl made the news recently for making a thermoelectric flashlight powered by the heat of her hand for a google science project :
The Hollow (Thermoelectric) Flashlight - Google Science Fair
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