Author Topic: Hello from the badlands of New Mexico  (Read 943 times)

Dan Keith

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Hello from the badlands of New Mexico
« on: October 19, 2013, 04:31:50 AM »
I stumbled onto this forum and it has a lot of the info I need for my latest projects. As is typical with my projects they turn out to be octopus like, many tentacles.  I have tinkered with solar energy all my life and because of the advances of technology find myself in perpetual state of learning curves. I need to come up to speed with using electronics to control my toys. I built a cnc router so am familiar of the benefits of cnc. What I am doing now is aquaponics and need a way to heat water. I have a wood rocket furnace for that but because of the fact that I fell into a lot (hundreds)of mirrors salvaged from a scraped large commercial heliostat project, I should put them to use. They are 4'x4' laminated high quality mirrors. Some I will use whole, others I will cut into 9 pieces and use as focused collectors.

 So Here I go thanks Dan Keith


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Re: Hello from the badlands of New Mexico
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2013, 05:01:56 AM »
Hello Dan, and welcome to the forum!

I know what you mean about being "octopus" like. When I first started this project, my only real hands on experience with electronics came from building my own CNC machine. I also didn't have any experience with computer programming, so I had to learn that. More recently, I have been learning machine shop skills so that I can finally build my heliostats robust enough to stand up to the elements. There is a reason that this has taken years to even get as far as I have!!!

Of course, once you learn these skills you can apply them to many other things, so I think that it is totally worth it.

Those mirrors sound perfect. They should definitely make your array look a lot nicer. I have been able to find old mirrors locally for cheap, but I never seem to be able to find them in the same size.

Good Luck!