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Re: Another wireless networking option: ESP8266
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2015, 11:52:09 PM »
So, I've had a hectic time working on this.
The Sun Tracker compiles and runs on the ESP-12 board, but I was unable to get the EEPROM to save target values. Bummer. I was also unable to get network (NTP) time to work for some reason, although I followed the guide multiple times. Perhaps it could be my WiFi network or my ESP chip, no idea. Others seem to have NTP time working. Perhaps you guys will have better luck. At the moment the time, and the target angle, is manually set in the variables in code at upload/compile time.
There are somewhat significant alterations to the code since I deleted out any code I wasn't using (commented out code actually distracts me, I don't understand why) but the structure of the program is still mostly the same. I've modified it to include the Arduino "Time" library so that once the date/time is set, the program itself keeps time (with low accuracy) as long as it has power. This will be handy if someone gets network time working, since you'd only need to sync-up the clock once a day or so.

Good luck, y'all! Sorry for my delay in uploading my code. Busy days.
Particularly considering that the ESP8266 only has one ADC pin (and which is limited to 1V), I will slowly be working on adding Blynk integration as I have time ... don't depend on me for this, work on it yourselves! I got the basic Blynk programs working pretty fast when I tinkered with it, so I'm pretty sure it should be easy to add to the Sun Tracker program. Which means you'd be able to control and monitor the heliostat from your phone! Let us know what you guys come up with.  :)
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